Our school


2017-2018 school year


2016-2017 school year


My name is Ula and I‘m proud of being a part of this amazing place called Vilnius Antakalnis Progymnasium. Our community is very social and energetic. We have an incredible principal who is very dedicated and works hard to make our school welcoming and friendly as possible. He involves us in many projects that make our environment more interesting and less boring. Our teachers are very dedicated to their subjects, enjoy teaching and always help pupils to understand better. Kids are very different but all are tolerant and friendly to others. Our community and ways of studying , cosy classrooms with new desks, boards, computers and even a room for pupils‘ council make our progymnasium a perfect place to learn, meet new friends and, of course, be happy. I enjoy being here and you might too.

 By Ula, Form  8c

Hello, we are Augustinas and Ieva from 8c. We are classmates and we enjoy being here at our progymnasium! We really like our school because of its new building and its staff. The teachers here are friendly and helpful. When we enter the school in the morning we hear nice music which makes us feel  enthusiastic .The classrooms are large, bright, warm and with all new furniture! New desks, chairs, writing boards, benches to sit down during our breaks and even new cloakrooms! Now it’s much easier to concentrate because you can sit comfortably and write on clean desks! Our principal  is always in a mood to see us every day. He greets everyone coming to our school. We can say- this place is nice for us and for others!

By  Augustinas and Ieva, 8c

2015-2016 school year

Hello! I go to Antakalnis Progymnasium. I am in the 7th grade. Let me tell you about my class. There are 28 of us in our class. We are a big family and we have an amazing class teacher. Her name is Danute. She is very friendly, helpful, always answers our questions about the subject she teaches us. We are very lucky to have such interesting lessons. Sometimes we go on trips. We have already visited Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Germany. Also we go on hikes, to the cinema, to the theatre and we have already been to a lot of museums. We also celebrate our birthday parties during our class hours. Every season we have celebrations with cards, gifts and little surprises! OK, that‘s all I wanted to say. I‘ll see you next year, bye!

By Austeja, 7c

I go to Vilnius Antakalnis Progymnasium. Our school is the best! The teachers in our school are really helpful and smart. They teach us different subjects which will be very useful in our lives. Our students are very friendly and study a lot. Vilnius Antakalnis Progymnasium has lots of sports activities such as basketball, football, rugby, also we have got a folk music club and a theatre club. Our school canteen sells only healthy and really tasty food. Our school principal is also very friendly and funny, he likes communicating with students and he is never angry! The library is big and there are lots of books to read and to enjoy. I hope you like our school. See you next year!

By Aire, 7c

Antakalnis pro-gymnasium was built in 1930. Since then, there are many students who come to this pro-gymnasium every morning with a wish to learn new interesting things and become smarter. I am a student at Antakalnis pro-gymnasium, too. I know everything what happens inside this amazing school.

This school has a lot of teachers who are very friendly, helpful and sociable. They always try to explain new things in a way that you could understand. They also try to interest you in science and help you to decide who you would like to become in the future. Moreover, here you can find your hobbies, because this school offers you a lot of after-school activities. In Antakalnis pro-gymnasium pupils can test their knowledge and improve it. They can find the most interesting subject and practice it after lessons.

In Antakalnis pro-gymnasium there are not only lessons and science, but also a lot of interesting events for students, such as competitions, quizzes, fairs and olympic games, organized by students and their teachers. My pro-gymnasium is always decorated by students’ drawings, paintings or cuttings .

I really like being a student at Antakalnis pro-gymnasium and I hope, that this school will improve more and more.

By Kristina Petrikonytė, 8d

I’ve attended this school for 8 years and I’ve found good friends here.I like my school because of lot things.

First of all, I like my teachers, all of them are very kind and helpful. If you need some help or have some questions they give some tips and advices. School director Tomas is very sociable, he communicates with all students. That`s why I like him!

My class I think is the funniest class in all school,  my classmates are friendly and funny. Everyone helps each other.

I think the most important thing for all students is our canteen, the biggest part of us spend our time there. That is the noisiest place in school!

In Antakalnio pro-gymnasium everyone is in good mood, smile on their face and warmth in their heart.

By Gabrielė Ruškulytė, 8b

2014-2015 school year


My name is Rokas, and I am from 8c. I will tell you three main things about my school, which is Vilnius Antakalnis Pro-gymnasium.

So first, there are many nice people in my school. Teachers are also nice. However, the best thing is our library, because in the library you can use computer, and also take books. We are also enjoying and spending nice time. My school is my life and all of ours. This school is good for everyone , especially the ones‘s who study and work hard. Me and my friends like this school, because in our school we can do many things such as: playing sports, going to language classes, and also going to music classes. Actually there are many activities that we can do in my school. Our school students participate in all competitions.

So everyone can find a place at our shool, even if they are not from Lithuania. I hope you will like our school. See you, next year if you are interested in it.

By Rokas Paškevičius, 8c

I think, that our school is very tolerant to everybody. The students
are very friendly to each other. You can be yourself here and nobody
is going to tease you.
Our teachers are always ready to help you. You just need to ask, and
they will explain you everything, that you don’t understand. Also, our
principal is very friendly and not arrogant. You can always go to him
and tell him if something is not good is going on. He will try to help
you in every possible way.
We always have much fun here, because there are always all kinds of
events. I love, that it’s not everything just about sitting in classes
and learning from textbooks – there is a lot more.

Julija Salomėja Baublinskaitė 8e

           My school is Vilnius Antakalnis Progymnasium. It’s in a very great and beautiful Antakalnis place. I’ll tell you about my school.

           Antakalnis Progymnasium is in the middle of Antakalnis, near the river Neris. You can arrive there from the most of Vilnius areas.

           Many famous Lithuanian people graduated our school like Andrius Mamontovas, Arnas Klivečka, Juras Požėla, Egidijus Mackevičius, etc. And Andrius Mamontovas with his classmates started a new rock group ,,Foje‘‘ here.

          Our teachers are very good, they have a lot of expierence in teaching students.

          Antakalnis Progymnasium takes part in many Lithuanian competitions: ,,AISEC‘‘, ,,Atmintis gyva, nes ji liudija‘‘ – remembering the 13th of January in Vilnius. ,,Kengūra‘‘ (student competition), ,,Zipio draugai‘‘, etc.

         We are celebrating ,,Šimtadienis‘‘ –  a day when 100 days remain to the exams, ,,Meduolių diena‘‘ – the last day at school before the New Year, ,,Teachers’ day‘‘ and many other.

         I love my school and I think that it’s one of the best schools in Vilnius.

Dominykas A. 8c